It would be easy to omit the films that I made as I returned to film making. But I because I've learned so much about storytelling in the past few years, first by trial and error and later through my training at the American Film Institute under the tutelage of some of the most distinguished film makers in the world, I felt it is honest to show the films that led me to where I am today. Sure, there are things I would change and (hopefully) do better, but this is who I was at the time I made these films.

Some are better than others, but in watching them, you can see a film maker discovering his voice and practicing his craft. Although, I've come a long way, I'm still very proud of where I came from.

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Overtime (no link)
The River
Forget Me Not (24 Hour Film Challenge)

Point of Sale (48 Hour Film Challenge)
- Winner: Best Actress, Best Cinematographer, Best Director