Active Projects

Matt & Creekview Films is currently developing a number of projects for both television and film.

VINDICATED" has received Telefilm development funding as part of Strident Film's slate as under the banner of the "New Filmmaker Program".

We are currently finalizing investment and production details for an exciting project to be shot in the winter of 2013, in California and Nevada for completion by mid-Summer.


We are always interested in exciting new projects.

Please do not solicit blindly. Use our contact form. Before we accept script submissions from parties without representation, we ask you to provide a one paragraph (maximum four sentence) synopsis to ensure that we do not have any projects similar to the idea that you are presenting.


We are actively seeking partners to finance films in Canada and the US.

With a presence in Canada and the US as well as a creative team that is CAVCO compliant, we are interested in utilizing available funding in conjunction with tax credit opportunities to tell world class stories, developed, performed, financed and shot by Canadians.